One of the interesting food events in Hamilton this weekend is the local Weston A Price group’s monthly Saturday afternoon meeting. This month’s theme is “Real Food on a Budget”. Group organiser Marea Smith says, “If you have decided to limit junk and processed food or want to take responsibility for your family’s health while not breaking the bank, this meeting may be for you.”

The discussion will cover what is real food, kitchen staples, non-negotiables and prioritization.

There will be plenty of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Marea will be demonstrating how to make and use incredibly cheap and nutritious, health-boosting bone broths.  Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds. 

The Weston A Price food philosophy is close to my heart (or more accurately, my stomach!). I love the amazing array of traditional fermented foods and the emphasis on back to basics cooking with good quality unrefined ingredients. For me it sits very well with a general appreciation of good food. 

Many people come to Weston A Price-style diets because of chronic illness in their family. But I reckon this way of eating is a win-win – it’s incredibly rewarding, because the food is both delicious and nutritious, once you get weaned off processed factory food. And because it’s about cooking from basic ingredients it’s not necessarily an expensive way to eat. It would be wonderful if more people started eating this well before getting sick. 

A couple of recipe books in the Weston A Price tradition are Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon, the founder of the Weston A Price Foundation; and Change of Heart: The Ecology of Nourishing Food, by Kay Baxter and Bob Corker of the Koanga Institute (I’ve found this one particularly useful – it has recipes tailored to New Zealand conditions). 

Weston A Price Hamilton chapter meeting

Saturday October 1st, 2pm-5pm

Forest Lake School hall, Storey Ave, Forest Lake, Hamilton

Entry is $5 koha. There’s usually a swap table of local fruit and kefir grain starters, etc. 



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