This is a post about where to buy local food in the Waikato during the national Covid Level 4 lockdown.

The farmers’ markets have been closed because they are not considered essential to the food chain.

I’ve written this post because I’m keen to ensure people who want to support the local food economy can do so. So the producers can sell their produce. And so we can still access great, fresh, local food.

People have said to me, “It’s an emergency, we are lucky to have food in the supermarkets.” And yes, that’s true.

But we also have a fledgling local food sector with many great producers. They have plenty of fresh local, seasonal produce – but they now have a distribution problem.

I don’t think local food is a luxury during a national emergency.

Having good quality, fresh food is essential to our physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

When we’re facing an economic downturn it’s particularly important to ensure money circulates in our local region. Supermarkets don’t do this. They are part of the globalised food industry. The profits flow out of our community.

Go here to read my post about where local food sits in the New Zealand economy. I wrote it a while back, but it’s still relevant.

Supporting our local food producers directly, by buying their produce, is a small step that supports the local economy. On the other side of this emergency I would love to know that local food producers are still in business.

Local food suppliers

Here is a list of local food producers and their contact details.

Many will be offering delivery during the lockdown. Some are closing, or stepping back from selling their produce during the emergency. But I want to support those who are still operating.

NB This information comes from websites and facebook pages. I haven’t personally contacted all of these producers, because I wanted to get this published quickly.

Please let me know if any of this information is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.

NB also check the Waikato Farmers Markets website which has up to date information.

Local food shops

Small shops that may sell some local food are remaining open. They may have shorter hours – check their website or facebook pages, or contact them directly.

Whole Heart in Queenwood – Open for shorter hours. 10am to 12 noon Monday to Saturday, but may be open longer some days. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Organic Nation, Commerce St, Frankton Open – check their Facebook page.

TOFs in Frankton  Open for pickups, but they request that people order via the website. Check their Facebook page for updates.

Whaingaroa Organic Kai in Volcom Lane, Raglan is open. Check their Facebook page.

The Herbal Dispensary in Raglan is closed

The Farm Shop in Gordonton – closed for the duration

Seasonal veges

Earth Stewards

Farmer Jons

Backyard Jem

Catos potatoes, garlic and veges Check their Facebook page for updates about deliveries.

Southern Belle – sweet capsicums, chillies, feijoas

Rivendell Gardens tomatoes , beans and capsicum. Order via this link.

GoodBugs – Sauerkraut and other fermented vege products Nationwide deliveries. Check their facebook page for updates.


Over the Moon Order online

Gouda Cheese Shop Closed for the duration.

Meyer Cheese are offering online orders. Check their Facebook page for info.


Sweetree honey can be ordered online, and is also in some shops, e.g. Whole Heart.


Alexander Organics

Dreamview Creamery

Jersey Girls Organics milk is available in many shops (e.g. Whole Heart) and also at some supermarkets.


Soggy Bottom Holdings – sausages, bacon and other meats. Order form on their website for Hamilton deliveries.

TOFs  shop is open for pickups, but please order via the website.

Wholly Cow – Check their Facebook page. The Cambridge butchery is open and taking phone orders for meat deliveries in Cambridge and Hamilton 07 827 6651. The Grey St, Hamilton  butchery is closed.


Volare are doing nationwide deliveries. Order online. Check their Facebook page for details.

The German Bakery – only delivering in Waihi area.

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