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The mighty quince

There’s a garden in my neighbourhood with a quince tree on the front lawn. At this time of year it’s festooned with fat golden quinces.

Media splash for Soggy Bottom

Fans of Jono Walker’s superb bacon and sausages will enjoy Nadene Hall’s excellent profile of Soggy Bottom Holding in the summer 2016-2017 issue of New Zealand Lifestyle Block, “Bringing home the heritage, cured, tasty bacon”. It’s a very interesting read. Jono spills...

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Too ugly to eat?

A huge celeriac turned up in the last Ooooby box. (Sadly, Ooooby have centralized their operations to Auckland.) Readers of this blog will know that the Waikato Foodbasket is fond of weird vegetables - but celeriac is just about the ugliest I’ve ever come across. In a...

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Almost too pretty to eat

I bought a container of edible flowers from a stall at the farmers’ market.  They were almost too pretty to eat, but we managed. I add flowers to salads fairly often, but usually they’re not as elegant as these. The salad blossoms out of my garden tend to be borage,...

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Taro time

As the weather warms up, I’ve been watching the taro plants growing in the southeast corner of the garden. Although they’re in a sheltered spot, they usually die down for the winter, and grow back in spring. I’m very fond of my taro plants. They came from my friend...

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Raw milk: the road gets longer

I’m sad to report that we picked up the last delivery of raw milk today. We’ve been happily drinking Right Choice Live Milk for the last couple of years. We’ve paid for it in advance and it has been delivered once a week to our local Gouda Cheese Shop. However, this...

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Perfect beets

  For the last few weeks there’s been plenty of beetroot at Hamilton Farmers Market. So it must be in season.  A couple of the things I especially like about beetroot: that amazing colour. And, I can get two or three different vegetable dishes out of one bundle of...

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