The mighty quince

There’s a garden in my neighbourhood with a quince tree on the front lawn. At this time of year it’s festooned with fat golden quinces.

Gardening with garlic

This time of year, many of my friends are planting garlic. I’d love to be planting garlic myself, but right now I’m stuck with a fractured foot and can’t garden. So, I’m writing about it instead. Growing garlic is incredibly satisfying. You (usually) get a great...

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Persimmons: for people or birds?

There are bare-branched persimmon trees with clusters of beautiful orange tomato-shaped fruit, dotted around my neighbourhood.  Persimmons aren't just beautiful, they're delicious too (I like them, anyway). There are two main kinds of edible persimmons, astringent and...

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Fresh winter greens at Hamilton Farmers’ Market

We came home from yesterday’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market with the most wonderful haul of fresh winter greens. There’s a new stall selling some terrific green vegetables. This weekend they were selling a couple of Asian style greens, my favourite daikon radish and some...

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Feijoa fortnight: Green eggs

This week there are feijoas everywhere in our neighbourhood. Green eggs start dropping off trees around Easter time. For a fortnight – maybe a bit longer – there is an amazing abundance of feijoas. We currently have four buckets full at the back door.  I love feijoas...

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O Kale! Enjoy this virtuous vegetable

At the farmers’ market at this time of year, the standout seasonal green is kale. I buy mine from the Catos, who also sell excellent potatoes and garlic. This weekend they had two kinds of kale: green and red, which is actually more like purple. It’ll be even sweeter...

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Blueberry fields forever

Monavale blueberries are one of the great treats of my Sunday visit to the farmers’ market. And at this time of year they're at their best. There’s usually a line of people waiting to get their weekly fix of the delicious organic icecreams and smoothies. And they also...

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